TherapySmallWhat is psychotherapy?

Pscyhotherapy can provide a space to heal wounds, mourn losses, and solve problems. It should be a place of hope and new beginnings. It can provide a platform for people to build support, resources and strength, and discover more skilful and creative ways to live.

How do I get Started?

Email  with a brief introduction and I will arrange to call you back to discuss options.  Here is more information about scheduling your first session.

What is the Take Care Philosophy

The Take Care philsophy is integrative, client-centered, evidence-based and collaborative.  This means we:

  • Integrate a variety of approaches to meet your individual needs
  • Believe in the importance of the client/therapist relationship
  • Teach simple, effective strategies that help you to take care of yourself even when the going gets rough
  • Collaborate with you to find a way of working that suits you
  • Use approaches that have been shown to be effective in clinical trials