TherapySmallWhat is psychotherapy?

Pscyhotherapy can provide a space to heal wounds, mourn losses, and solve problems. It should be a place of hope and new beginnings. It can provide a platform for people to build support, resources and strength, and discover more skilful and creative ways to live.

How do I get Started?

Call or text +353 87 605 2015  leaving your name and phone number or skypeId and we will call you back within 24 hours to discuss what you want and schedule a first session.  Here is more information about scheduling your first session.

What is the Take Care Philosophy

The Take Care philsophy is integrative, client-centered, evidence-based and collaborative.  This means we:

  • Integrate a variety of approaches to meet your individual needs
  • Believe in the importance of the client/therapist relationship
  • Teach simple, effective strategies that help you to take care of yourself even when the going gets rough
  • Collaborate with you to find a way of working that suits you
  • Use approaches that have been shown to be effective in clinical trials