Iseult White

IseultWhiteI have an MA in Psychotherapy, decades of experience with mindfulness, and extensive training in a variety of energy psychology (EP) approaches including TAT, EFT, and AIT.

I find that EP offers a fast, safe process for working with difficult experiences – it allows clients to work through experiences while calming symptoms of panic, anxiety and depression.  My research study examining EP in the treatment of trauma and PTSD concluded that EP meets the standards of evidence based practice for the treatment of trauma.

I first learned to meditate at the age of 14 and have practiced a variety of approaches to mindfulness and meditation over the years.  I incorporate these approaches in my approach to psychotherapy based on client preferences.

I founded Take Care because I want to offer a pragmatic and effective approach to counselling and psychotherapy that cuts through the psychobabble to provide clear and effective tools that really help people. That is why I also offer Mindfulness Mentoring – a way of helping people to  integrate a set of mindfulness tools into their daily life.

My original background is in technology. I trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tuina) in 2002, but went on to train in techniques that support mental health because I saw significant links between emotional and physical well-being.

My approach to psychotherapy is underpinned by my scientific background combined with my personal interest in Eastern approaches to well-being and spirituality. It is informed by a personal code of respect and equality that recognises that every individual, no matter the circumstances of their life, can determine what they need, when offered the opportunity.

I work with clients to create clear goals when necessary but  I am also flexible about offering a space of open exploration. My style is compassionate, playful, and interactive while offering stillness and calm. I ask questions when it seems important and acknowledge patterns and habits when I see them. I work in a fundamentally client-centred way but integrate a variety of approaches including CBT, mindfulness, gestalt, psychodynamic, energy psychology, narrative, and solutions focussed.

I hold the following professional memberships, and abide by their ethics: