Iseult White 

Iseult is an ICP accredited psychotherapist, lecturer, and mindfulness teacher.  She works with adolescents and adults.  Her areas of speciality include eating disorders, trauma, dissociation, anxiety, and emotionally unstable presentations.  She is a regular contributor on national radio discussing issues related to mental health and relationships and writes for the Sunday Independent.  Read my full bio here.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

I offer brief (3-5 sessions), short term counselling (5 – 15 sessions) or long term, open ended, depth psychotherapy.  I will work with you to choose the right form of therapy during an initial assessment.

Helping you take better care of your self

My approach involves exploring a variety of tools and techniques to help you take better care of your mental health. Read more about the Take Care philosophy and approaches .

Evidence based psychotherapy

I use approaches that have been proven to work through clinical trials and research.